Suresh Babu getting tough to get hero for that film

A typical Telugu hero mindset’s classic example is that they don’t take on roles that don’t have courage, that will have them underplay or wear a lady getup. That’s why we’re not seeing fantastic content on the silver screen like it’s happening in Bollywood.

Bollywood hero Ayushmann Khurrana recently picks fantastic subjects and even scores 100 + crores at the box office. He appears as a guy in the film ‘ Dream Girl’ who speaks in the voice of a girl and also plays the role of a lady in many plays of theatre. Raj Tarun was expected to do this film for Suresh Productions, but after his Iddari Lokam Okate struggled in the box office the hero left.

Producer Suresh Babu, who has sincerely wanted to bring new content through his banner to Telugu cinema, is now said to run from pillar to post to find a hero for this project. From heroes in his family to those heroes who have won dramatic acclaim, he is said to have declined taking on this film.

One wonders why Tollywood heroes still doesn’t want to take up such roles and stories!

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